Why MentorMatch?

MentorMatch builds your confidence, knowledge, and social connectedness by matching you with your ideal mentor. The program is free to all international students in Victoria and is delivered in a safe online environment.

The length of the program is six months with 12 fortnightly meetings with your mentor. The delivery of MentorMatch ensures you have the option to self-select mentors based on their profiles and can enjoy our premium matching capability using artificial intelligence. Our team provides you ongoing support over the six months. 


Build social connectedness and a relationship with a mentor who can guide you.​


Gain wisdom and clarity on your life, career path, and how you can develop,​


Grow your local network and get involved in your community.​


Find a sense of belonging and establish yourself and your skills.​

The Process

Timeline Infographic for Mentees

Become A Mentee

Using our expressions of interest form below, register to become a mentee in Victoria. One of our team members will get in touch to let you know if you have been accepted into our pilot program.