Connecting opportunity

Building confidence and social connectedness for Victoria’s international students.

What is MentorMatch?

MentorMatch is a social enterprise delivered in partnership with Outcome.Life, Rotary Victoria, and Study Melbourne. Our mentor matching software is designed to build confidence and social connectedness for Victoria’s international students. It also provides retired or working professionals with the opportunity to share knowledge, offer practical advice, and empower students to grow personally and professionally.

Research has revealed that mentorship helps both mentees and mentors develop perspective, build confidence, gain new skills and knowledge, and further their respective personal development and career goals.

Our delivery of MentorMatch ensures that you feel supported in a safe online environment, have the option to self-select your mentee or mentor based on their profile, and can enjoy our premium matching capability using artificial intelligence.

Mentoring over Zoom

How It Works

Learn how our machine learning algorithm analyses mentors and mentees in our system to provide a calculated match for you based on your requirements.


Complete your online profile.


Learn how MentorMatch works.


MentorMatch will suggest a good fit.


Confirm your match and read their profile.


Kick off your mentorship journey.

What People say about MentorMatch

I learned how to build up my resilience, how to be more confident in myself, how to express myself better, how to work better with other people. And at the same time [my mentor] helped me understand myself a lot better.
The greatest lessons I learned was building those lateral ways of thinking – how to negotiate, how to deal with people, critical thinking. I saw how [my mentor] dealt with conflict, how he dealt with difficult times, and the patience and empathy I need to develop as a young person.
When I first signed up to MentorMatch, I thought it would be good way to give back to the community. But after twelve weeks with [my mentee], I couldn't help feeling like we'd helped each other! I gave her advice, she gave me energy.
I love helping young people, especially international students, develop their skills and find hope. There's nothing more rewarding than investing in the leaders of tomorrow! If I could, I'd have a giant net to catch every single student who comes into Melbourne airport.